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Welcome to Amaravati Main Library eCatalogue

Catalogue contents

This catalogue contains records for the books in the Amaravati library. Most are in English, but there are also many in foreign languages, e.g. French, German, Sinhalese, Chinese. A special feature of the library is its collection of books in Thai language, mainly from Forest Sangha teachers.

Searching the catalogue

To search the catalogue, just enter words from the author, title or subject in the Basic Search box, or for a more precise search, use the Advanced Search facility. For Thai books you can type in your search in Thai, using the Thai script. In the same way you can search for books in Sinhalese or Chinese using those languages.

Borrowing books

Residents, guests and visitors to the monastery are all welcome to borrow books. Most are available for loan but you will need to register as a library user. We do not operate a postal lending service or reserve books for loan.

Library collections

For more information on the library collections, including the collection of audio, video and image files (Dhamma Vault) which can be accessed from the library computers, please see the library pages here. Apart from the library catalogue and the collection of Dhamma talks in the "Dhamma Vault" there is no access to online services in our library.

Contact us

We welcome any questions, comments or suggestions - please, contact us on [email protected].